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Original content coming, promise!

I love you guys. I really do. Don’t let my silence for the past week lead you to doubt that.

Last Tuesday night, going into Wednesday, the Twin Ports area of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin (plus surrounding places with fewer people but just as much good cheese) was pummeled with something like a million inches of rain. It was pretty bad – bridges were destroyed, businesses were flooded, and a seal took a traumatic road trip from the Lake Superior Zoo to Grand Avenue, stopping only once to have this adorably frantic picture taken.

If this seal wore pants, it clearly would have crapped those pants.

My friend and pastor Ryan Bauers, as well as his family, were advised to evacuate their home around 3 AM on Wednesday. I say they were advised, and not ordered, because the fire fighters really had no idea where they could go, barring some sort of ark. There was a lot of water, is what I’m saying.

This post has nothing to do with that. But there will be a post about that, and soon!

No, this post is basically shameless filler. Work has been very busy lately, and I wish I could say that I don’t basically write my posts at work, but I write my posts at work. Unless my boss is reading this. In that case, I’m an entirely different Daniel Mitchell than the one you’re thinking of.

“Boy, my job at the Cato Institute, doing whatever it is I do there, sure is satisfying! Between that and my faith blog, I’m TOTALLY not putting off work I should be doing for a major health care provider.”

So, with work being as busy as it has been, I haven’t had time to write the post about helping Ryan’s house recover from the flood. Spoiler – it was very damp. 

But like I said, I love you guys, and I don’t want to keep leaving you without  something to read. So here we go with another reblog, this time from atheist-turned-recently-converted-Catholic Leah Libresco. Like me, she was a rational skeptic who found herself surprisingly becoming Christian. Unlike me, she is a girl. This article that I’m drawing your attention to is her dealing with some of the comment fallout that resulted from her publicly “outing” herself as a Catholic on her very popular atheist blog. Check it out.


Enjoy! Feel free to comment below, but I don’t have any specific questions today, because my work at the Cato Institute is very. . .Cato-y. . .  at the moment. And institutional. Like, extra institutional. Please don’t fire me.