Debate this for my amusement! A What the Faith Quickie

Alright, folks, I’m on a break at work and I have five minutes so OHMYGODREADTHISARTICLEVERYFAST!



Okay, now pause. Catch your breath. You did well, padawans.

Is a Christian’s spoken/written opposition to homosexuality, based on their interpretation of the bible, reason enough to accuse them of hate speech?



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11 responses to “Debate this for my amusement! A What the Faith Quickie

  • Forty Ounce

    I almost watched that goddamn ad, Dan! Fuck you.

  • Veronica M. Surges (@jurisdoctorette)

    I did too! I was so confused!

    I only had time to skim the article, but I tend to agree with the dude from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Not all Christian groups who think homosexuality and/or homosexual behavior is inherently sinful are hate groups. Some of them, however, cross the line with their tactics and responses to homosexual people – you know, the “break the limp wrist” pastors and the people who say that gay guys shouldn’t be left alone with boys.

    Should those contentions be labeled as hate speech? I have a hard time with the concept of hate speech in general because it starts to get into Minority Report territory – taking a crime and making it worse because of what was going through someone’s head and their motives for doing that crime. Of course, some would argue that the entire criminal justice system is based around proving intent (i.e. what is going through someone’s head), but I think there’s a big difference.

    For example, Dude A kills Dude B. A intended to do it – he brought out a samurai sword and told everyone, “I’m about to kill B!” Once that intent is established, I don’t know that A’s punishment should be a lot worse because B is gay/black/a woman/whatever. What if A HATED everyone with blond hair like B? Why not make that a hate crime? Blond hair is an immutable characteristic much like homosexuality, and hatred of either group is equally irrational.

    That’s basically my two cents πŸ™‚

  • Matthew Doherty

    That depends on what it is they are preaching. Saying homosexuals should be put to death is pretty obviously hate speech. Saying homosexuals should not be allowed to marry is not (atleast in my estimation).

  • visitingmissouri

    I haven’t read the whole article, but I think I’ve read enough to comment. To answer your question: no. I personally believe that you cannot quote the Bible to condemn homosexuality without taking into account the contextual nuances that are also stated in the article. I mean, if you’re going to take Leviticus that literal and without the nuance that is laid out in the Bible as a whole, then why did we ever stop stoning people? Also, the unity of man and wife as given by God took place in untainted paradise. I believe the world has changed quite some since then. I do think you’re absolutely wrong on all levels when you say that gay men are more likely to molest children (the most controversial point in the article), but in a society that sees free speech as a value in itself, there shouldn’t be such a thing as hate speech (there is such a thing as consequences, Christians shouldn’t be surprised that spreading blatant lies that they make up to support a point that has nothing to do with love raises some eye brows).

    • Daniel Mitchell

      Good point about the consequences, Bas. I’m of a mixed mind on this one. On the one hand, LGBT rights are an important issue for me. On the other hand, I hate, hate, HATE it when people get an excuse to become super-sensitive about an issue because it’s become politicized. Yes, I’m for LGBT rights – but that doesn’t mean we can just throw the word “hate” around at people who politely disagree.

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