Feeling pretty great – a WTFaith Quickie

A lifetime of worried cynicism (seriously, I’m like a fat Woody Allen) has left me woefully unprepared to express how I feel today. For no good reason, I feel awesome right now. I don’t have more money than I had yesterday. I don’t have fewer debtors or fewer “Final Notice” bills coming in. I’m not any thinner, or more popular, or better looking. I am not, objectively, better in any way.

All the same, I feel like the goddamn king of the world.

I’m pretty sure that Jesus is connected to this feeling. I’m not positive that I could explain in what way he is connected. I know I went to bed praying last night, which is something I don’t do most of the time. I prayed on the drive to work, which is something I rarely do at all. Yesterday I heard a great sermon at River Heights Vineyard, which, as it turns out, is pretty rad.

Sometimes, I read my blog posts – which are 85% “tough questions” and 15% “stupid jokes” – and I think, “Well, my blog is certainly honest, but am I actually showing any of my readers why being Christian is a good thing?”

The reason that being Christian is a good thing, readers, is that some days, Jesus metaphorically craps a handful of twinkling stars into your stomach-hole for no good reason. Some people call it a “peace beyond understanding.” That sounds nicer than the way I said it, but whatever, you knew what blog you came to today.

Enjoy your day, along with that mental image I just gave you. ❤ ❤ ❤

"Pictured: Me"

“Pictured: Me”


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2 responses to “Feeling pretty great – a WTFaith Quickie

  • melissa sutton

    I smiled, teared up, then laughed. That was great! Yes! That is a perk to being a Christian. I sometimes lose sight of that. Just before you posted this, I was thinking about how I was such a light, could feel light and joy, despite my gloomy times. But lately, I didn’t feel that way at all. I prayed, wanting to be reconnected. Thanks!

    • Daniel Mitchell

      Hey, I’m the poster child for not “feeling that way at all.” That DEFINES me. That’s why I blogged about feeling the opposite way. Don’t be discouraged – those times will be back. Everything has a season, right? Sometimes it’s cloudy.

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