Giving our commentors some sweet, sweet love.

I’ve been tempted, several times in the past, to give the occasional shout-out to comments that appear on What the Faith. I feel that, most of the time, a given post has a short shelf life (with the crazy exception of this one, which is still going pretty strong) and as a result, people often miss some pretty remarkable comments that happen near the end of a post’s conversation. Sometimes, I read a comment on this blog, and I think, “Man, that really sums it up, doesn’t it?”

I’ve not done this before, mostly because any resulting blog post would probably be pretty short, and I used to believe that a blog post of less than one thousand words was a waste of my readers’ time. But now I think, “Eh. Fuck it. My readers have time.”

So, here we go – this comment was made just today, in regards to Sunday’s post from Brandi. The topic is dealing with hypocrisy in the Christian religion, and how hard it makes it for Brandi to call herself “Christian.” We had some lovely discussion about it, but then Rev. Pete Benedict of the River Heights Vineyard dropped this truth bomb.


“Christ engaged directly with the religious hypocrites in a variety of ways. He taught directly to them, as part of the crowds following him around. He engaged them directly, challenging them to love and softer judgment. He taught crowds not to be like them, but He did so in a way that made it clear that the listeners were called to love and help those who need it. It wasn’t just denunciation, it was denunciation with a call to greater sacrificial love. So maybe the comments here are making a great, Christ-like point: The answer to religious hypocrisy is service.”


Here's Pete, looking FLOORED that he's being honored this way. AS HE SHOULD BE.

Here’s Pete, looking FLOORED that he’s being honored this way. AS HE SHOULD BE.


Yeah. Yeah, dude. Yeah.  This comment was so good, if it had a Delorean it could go back in time and erase that article from existence.

If you haven’t read the comment traffic on that post, check it out by using the link I referenced above. . . or. . . you know. . . by scrolling down through the blog. You know how the internet works; I don’t have to tell you.

Do you guys like the idea of drawing attention to our favorite comments? Or are you all like, “Yeah, dad, you told us”?


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13 responses to “Giving our commentors some sweet, sweet love.

  • melissa sutton

    For some reason I missed his comment and I commented a few times on her blurb. It is a very excellent comment! Thanks for pointing it out, Dan!

  • Jennwith2ns

    I’ve been wrestling with thoughts along these lines for months, and still haven’t been able to formulate them. I’m super-glad you reprinted that comment. I feel like a burden has been lifted. Or my brain has become unconstipated. Take your pick.

  • Peter Benedict

    I love you Dan, even if you pull out a hilarious picture of me talking at Summer Camp with a giganto-wireless mic.

    I sent some messageboard traffic your way, and we had a lively dialogue going about your blog in general… and then a server migration by the board host led to three days’ comments being lost, our first experience like that in 14ish years as a community. God must have smitten us for discussing your blog, HE HATES US ALL AUUUGHGHEWHEH!!

    I am so glad you are blogging more. The irregularity of output caused me to miss some posts, thus the belated commentary that you’ve misguidedly decided to laud. Or, more simply… thanks, you made me smile with your hilarity even if it’s uncomfortably positive in my direction.

    OK, that wasn’t simple. Thanks for being you. <–simple!

    • melissa sutton

      And I second that- thanks for being you, Dan.

    • Daniel Mitchell

      It is a scientific fact – Bossman Jesus hates when people read my blog. Rebel Jesus is a fan, though. Either way, enjoy your smiting, sinner.

      Also – I LOVE that picture with the giant wireless mic. It’s comedy gold and it made my day to be able to spread it further along the internet. And anyway, now that the blog is back up and running from its four month hiatus, hows about that guest post, huh?

  • Rebekah Grace

    I read the post by Brandi, in a very serious and focused manner, and then I was off like the wind to live my day out. But her words, her struggle, her honesty, they followed me. I wanted to come back and offer my two-cents, but I’m often intimidated by such comments as the one you shared here and the lengthy thread of all the others on big and controversial posts – and I’m not easily intimidated – so I didn’t ever comment (and now you’re gonna wish I didn’t :))

    I like the idea of this post, but it really doesn’t matter much anyway. If you want to write it, share it, post it, and give some sweet, sweet love – do it. However, in regards to the comment I feel like the kid in kindergarten who doesn’t know how to do what the rest of the class does when I read such a comment. It’s like I get it, I really do. But it’s so, um, deeply knowledgable (is that even a thing…???) that I crawl into my hole and don’t want to say anything. Wait. Didn’t I already say I’m not easily intimidated? Shit.

    Look, I’m the grown (the jury is still out on that, so don’t quote me on it) daughter of a pastor who is a theologian first. He knows stuff that I don’t and never will. I’m the grown grand-daughter (though he has since died) of a pastor who was cold and harsh and unloving in his knowledge and fundamentalism. He raised my mother with that and I received the diluted version. It was awesome.

    I ran like the wind as soon as I noticed an open door while I was breaking the rules and peeking through open eyes during prayer (that’s a joke). I wanted absolutely, positively NOTHING – NO. THING. – to do with any of it. Church. God. The rules, etc. I never rejected His existence, I just didn’t give a rat’s ass (that’s honest). 25+ years I spent playing that game. It was fun. Until it wasn’t. I’ll spare you the details as this comment is already nearing the length of any good blog post and say I would find myself giving my life back to Christ near the end of 2007. But with it came flying with the force of all those years running and denying and using His name to prove how cool I was (ahem), the problem I had initially run from.

    How does one live this life for Christ and not be afraid of being associated with “those” Christians. Even on my facebook, which I didn’t open until 2011, I didn’t fill out the “religious views” section because the standard, “Christian” answer was just not gonna cut it for me. It would take months, but I finally landed on this juicy bit o’ goodnesss, “I don’t claim a religion, I claim a Person. His name is Jesus. He has changed everything. So you’ll find me living freely in the wide open space of Jesus!” That was my way of ensuring I wasn’t “lumped” in with “those”. But what about all the other shit….? Well, to wrap this thing up already (if you’re still reading, I’ll get an award sent off to you in the mail), I’ll share a quote I found the other day that simplifies the complexities of it to the point of my saying, “Well, DUH!”…….

    “Don’t fight it directly, just do it very differently yourself.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi

    • Daniel Mitchell

      St. Francis is coming up quite a bit lately, isn’t he? My old pastor, Ryan Bauers, posted (on Facebook) a prayer he’s been praying for Lent, attributed to St. Francis. Then there’s this little guy you might have heard of. . .that Pope. Another shout-out to St. Francis. It seems like we can’t go wrong following that guy’s example.

      Anyway, your reservations notwithstanding, it seems that you perfectly understand the point of both Pete’s comment AND Brandi’s post. Don’t be shy in the future. This is a safe place. 🙂

      • Rebekah Grace

        Thank you Daniel! As you are aware, your offering of grace is a rarity; one I welcome with open hands!

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