“Yeah, and I’ma da Pope!” – A WTFaith Quickie

My favorite pontiff, personally.

My favorite pontiff, personally.

I know I’m not a Catholic (he said with some certaintly) and I get the impression that most of my readers aren’t Catholic, either (he said with less certainty), but I’m gonna throw my two cents into the ring here (he said, mixing metaphors). I’m kinda feeling this new Pope. I mean yeah, he’s against gay-marriage, and yeah, he’s against birth control, but. . . I mean, were we expecting something else? I would have been flattened by surprise if the Holy See had elected a Unitarian Universalist. Let’s take what we can get, people.

Why do I like this new Pope?

1) He’s named himself after the awesome St. Francis of Assisi. ‘Nuff said.

2) He’s 50% less white than your Regular Pope!

3) He chose not to receive his election on the Papal Throne, or wear most of the Papal Bling that comes with the job. A humble pontiff? Surely, you must be joking.

Não, e não me chame de Shirley.

Não, e não me chame de Shirley.

4) He looks like Jonathon Price!

How do you feel about the new Pope? Is it “All hail the new Pontiff, same as the Old Pontiff?” Or are we going to see some (incredibly incrimental) change in the Big Church?


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5 responses to ““Yeah, and I’ma da Pope!” – A WTFaith Quickie

  • Gay Narron

    I’m with you Dan. If you’re going to take the opportunity to use any name for yourself when you become pope, and there’s a message to be spoken by the choice, he did well. Non-European is pretty great as well. Are we going to see change? Sure…at the speed of snail, I imagine.

    Glad to see you blogging again 🙂

  • Peter Benedict

    I’m pretty much with you. I appreciate his Jesuit-ness. The vow of poverty is a pretty powerful counter-argument to a lot of the (too often valid) criticisms held against the church in general, and Catholicism specifically in some circles.

    I can wish he’d appoint some female cardinals and so forth, but that whole institution is pretty committed to its path. Within their confines, they appear to have done good.

    • Daniel Mitchell

      Well, the church has evolved in a great many ways over the centuries, but that’s the thing. . . change takes literal CENTURIES. So I agree – within their confines, kudos to them. Catholics will be Catholics, and they do a lot of good in some parts of the world.

  • Jennwith2ns

    Yep. I think it’s good stuff.

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