Monthly Archives: February 2013

Not dead, I swear.

It’s been a very, very long time. My typing fingers have dust on them. I almost can’t remember what a smarmy smile feels like on my face.

But I recall it looked vaguely like this.

But I recall it looked vaguely like this. Only with me, instead of this random dude.


So yeah, I owe you guys a major explanation. I’ll need to explain why things have been so quiet, and why typing my thoughts felt impossible, and why I didn’t even bother to reassure you that we are still alive. But this isn’t that post.

(As an aside, we are alive.)

No, this post is starting out a little more “easy does it” than “Just Do It.” I’d like you to turn your attention to Internet Monk again – specifically, this article.

SLAM. Boy, did I feel that one. If you’re too lazy to read the article. . . please leave. But if you refuse to leave and are too lazy to read the article, it’s basically a condemnation of a Christian culture that seems to idolize “leaders” while become sparse with “pastors”. It talks about how being a pastor is basically a crappy job that nobody wants, all the while being the most important task a person can take upon themselves. Pastors, the author points out, don’t lead the sheep – the walk behind the sheep.

SO poop.

You know. Where this stuff is. (HINT: It’s poop.)


I read this article, and I thought – “Wow. Guilty.” I would totally rather be a leader than a pastor. Leaders get all the cool stuff, and they write cool books, and they’re basically min-CEO’s. And that’s pimp. It just may not be, you know. . . the best thing for us.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Do we have an unhealthy obsession with Christian leaders, at the expense of Christian pastors? Or is this article nothing more than a pile of sheep-grass-investment-pellets?

(As an aside, I’m still talking about poop.)