Monthly Archives: October 2012

Totally not dead, I swear.

Since my last post, the What the Faith family has. . .

1) Moved from Superior, WI to Minneapolis, Mn. We did this with the help of great friends, and I will be posting pictures of these slav–eh, helpers shortly.

2) Attended a wedding – at least, I have. I was the best man at my best friend’s wedding in Melbourne, Florida. Pics of that coming as well, along with visual proof that a tuxedo will make anyone (including yours truly) pretty damn sexy. They tell me I gave a pretty half-decent best man’s speech, and considering that the reception was “dry” (thus insuring that everyone who complimented me heard me while completely sober) I’m going to assume that the toast was a success.

3) Vacationed for a week in Orlando, Florida. My best friend’s mom blessed the pants off of us with an all-expenses-paid vacation, including days at Walt Disney World and Sea World. Yes, there will be pics for this as well.

4) Started a new position within my company. This one is also entirely me. No pics for this one, as boring call center stuff doesn’t make for good photos.

These are the reasons why I haven’t posted in a month. My apologies for anyone who wanted to get a more regular dose of off-color jokes about the apostle Paul.


There are things to look forward to!

a) A new logo is coming soon!

b) We will be creating a Twitter account in the near future!

c) I don’t have a third, but things should really be done in threes, don’t you think?

So, for all of the What the Faith-ers who have wondered why Brandi and I have forsaken you. . .that is why we have forsaken you. But we’re going to stop forsaking you very, very soon.

With love,