A Totally Lame Request

Hi, guys! As I indicated from the title of today’s blog post, Brandi and I have a totally lame request to make. This request is specific to any readers of the blog in the areas of Duluth/Superior or the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul. If you don’t live in either of those places, you are excused. But don’t do it again.

Okay! So! If you’re still reading, Brandi and I need your help. As you have probably heard by now, the WTFaith family is purchasing a house in Minneapolis. We’ll be saying goodbye to our church family at Hillside Church in Duluth, but saying hello to a new family at River Heights Vineyard Church in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. We’re sad to leave Duluth/Superior, especially all of the awesome friends we’ve made here. But at the same time, we consider ourselves crazy blessed to be able to grow our faith experience under the tutelage of the fine folks at River Heights Vineyard.

So, a simultaneous “Boo” and “Yay” is in order.

But here’s the issue. Brandi and I need help with the move itself. Neither of us is in great shape, and our family (besides us) consists of our elderly mother- and father-in-law, one able-bodied twelve year old girl, two small boys, and a dog.

Can we do this move by ourselves? Maybe. Can we do it by ourselves without sustaining an injury? Unlikely.

So we, Brandi and I, are hereby formally begging for help with this move. We need two groups of movers – some in Duluth/Superior to help us load the truck, and some in the Cities to help us unload.

“What,” you might be saying, “is in it for us?”

Let me tell you! If you help us move, we will bribe you with. . .


The “moving day” bribe of choice since the Israelites needed help loading the camels.

and Soda (or Pop, or Soda-Pop)!

It’s fizzy with loooooooooove.

and (for those who drink beer). . . Beer!

You know what beer is. Happiness. That’s what it is.

and (for those who don’t want any of that stuff but show up anyway). . . Gratitude!

We will, apparently, write some stuff in the sand for you. Because Google searching images for “Gratitude” ain’t easy.

“Sold!” you’re now saying. “I am utterly convinced to help! When shall I do so?”

First off, kudos on saying “shall”, we don’t hear that all that often anymore. Secondly, the moving date is going to be the day of Saturday, October 6th, although we will have the truck starting on Thursday, October 4th. If people want to help on Thursday or Friday, that will be completely welcome! We can pack almost everything on the days leading up to the actual move. That said, that Saturday, October 6th, will be the day when the beds get packed, the U-Haul gets locked up, and the drive to the Cities takes place. This is also the day when the bulk of the pizza, pop, and beer will be purchased, but anyone who helps out on Thursday or Friday will be fed and watered appropriately as well.

Once our house in Superior is emptied of our various and sundry valuables, we are hoping to get to the house in Minneapolis by late Saturday afternoon. This is where the “Twin Cities” team comes in. Since unloading a truck is (in my experience) much easier than loading one, I’m thinking we can get this baby cracked and emptied in one afternoon. So I’m shooting for Saturday, October 6th, at around 4PM. But if that doesn’t work, we could also use people who can help on Sunday morning – presumably after church, although the family and I might not be at church that Sunday, since we might be loaded down with stuff to do. So while the afternoon of Saturday would be ideal, Sunday late morning/afternoon would work just as well.

Thanks in advance for any of you fine folks who want to help us out! Aside from the help, please pray for us as we bring this whole, messy process to an end. God’s help has gotten us this far, and I certainly want the Holy Spirit to hang out with me while I load the U-Haul, if only so that there is someone to hear my dumb jokes besides Brandi.

If you can help, please comment below. Also, if you know me in real life, you can (if you prefer) let me know through the various real-life channels we have established. This includes any Facebook friends – you can just send me a message, if you’d like.

Will you bless us with your massive muscles? 


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