I love things that are great.

I have a confession to make – or rather, a series of confessions.

1) I love new shirts. I bought two new shirts on clearance the other day, and they’re awesome. They still have that “new shirt texture”, and since many of my shirts are extremely threadbare, wearing some new ones is damn-near luxurious.

2) I love my courageous friends. Several people that I know are coming from places in their lives where they are recovering from something – pain, or weariness, or complacency. They’re thinking new things, or doing new things, or questioning old things – even though they occasionally get punished for it. Mostly, they are, all of them, exploring what it is like to give up certainty and comfort for the uncertain pleasure of truth for its own sake. They are warriors, and I love them for that. You guys know who you are.

3) I love the cool winds that usher in the dog days of summer. Cool winds remind me of the breath that God blew into Adam’s nose, and they’re very uplifting. Also, I haven’t worn my beloved hoodie in months, and I’m ready to re-hoodify myself. Why can’t it be fifty-five degrees every day?

4) I love realizing that I am in a place of piece for a moment. Right now I’m not theologically torn about anything, and I’m excited about the future. It probably won’t last long – as Brandi often says, if I don’t have something to stress about, I’ll make up something to stress about. And on that note. . .

5) I love Zoloft. It works much better when you take it.

6) I love the idea that sometimes, the world gets a little better, instead of a little worse.

7) I love finding out when that happens.

Let’s all take a minute today to calm the fuck down. God is good. What do you love? 


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25 responses to “I love things that are great.

  • Rachel

    I love that told you us to “calm the fuck down”. For realz.

    • Daniel Mitchell

      We, as a population, have been freaking the fuck out for a very long time. 😉

      • Melissa Sutton

        Thank you, Daniel ❤ And yes we have been…have been very philosophical about that recently. I feel that peace headed my way from you.

      • Daniel Mitchell

        It happens. I don’t want to disparage the faith of other people, but all I will say is that it takes courage to ease yourself deeper into the pool, away from the safety that comes from holding on to the edge. People are going to tell you that you’re crazy, that there are sharks in the pool. But there aren’t.

        Jeez, sharks in the pool? What kind of analogy is that? It’s a Shark Week thing, I guess. 🙂

  • Lucas

    I was going to say the same thing as Rachel, now I need to think of a new one. I’d probably go with good coffee, since I’m envisioning it right now and probably will enjoy it in a minute. I also love laying next to and squeezing my wife in bed (I don’t “cuddle) since that was just happening (I particularly like it when it turns into sex, even though that didn’t happen… is the tmi?). And I love that just yesterday, God hooked me up with the epitome of something that I’ve been working hard towards and praying for for years! I’m shocked and so grateful!

    • Daniel Mitchell

      Welcome to the What the Faith conversation, Lucas. As you will discover, there is no such thing as TMI here. We specialize in turning awkward moments into awesome moments.

      Shit. Now I have to make new business cards.

      Seriously, coffee is the best. It’s definitely a Psalm 34:8 thing – “Taste, and see that the Lord is good.” Also, it takes a real man to cuddle – embrace it. I’m a real man. I even wear a lavender-colored shirt. I have a rocking 8 to 10 chest hairs, too, which asserts my masculinity to the world when I’m at the pool.

  • Lucas

    By the way, I’m super tempted to start thinking about what I don’t love, it’s hard but I’m going to try and not go there.

    • Daniel Mitchell

      Since I see that you’re reading older posts on the blog, I’m sure you’ll see that most of the time, we ARE writing about things that we don’t love. So there’s definitely a place for that. But you’re right – don’t do it right now, on this post. This post is us taking some peace time. The things we don’t love aren’t going away, so let’s not rush to embrace them any earlier than they want to embrace us.

  • Melissa Sutton

    Hmm, I wonder if Zoloft would work for me right now. I have tried it in the past. Meds poop out after awhile and ya have to switch. When I cam afford it I will go back on that amazing homeopathic remedy via http://www.biogetica.com Or if I should try one via Swanson (I get my vitamins from there).

  • Melissa Sutton

    And know what? That thing about the world getting better instead of worse? I think that too at times.

  • Brandi Mitchell

    I love baby animals, they’re damn cute. I also love when I’m getting an awesome frame rate while playing the game I’m currently into, whatever that may be. I love a cold beer with good company. And I love you guys and your willingness to have conversations instead of arguments.

  • Jennwith2ns

    I love friends who tell me to calm the fuck down. Except when they’re telling me it. I got back from a very rough two weeks of camp last night and I was exhausted and discouraged and started crying, and my husband was like, “Yeah, but it’s over.” And you know? He was right.

    • Daniel Mitchell

      A very important job of a husband is to tell his spouse to calm the fuck down. Sometimes it’s the ONLY thing that works. On a related note, I’m sorry to hear that you had a stressful camp experience this summer! Enjoy a glass of wine on me and try to enjoy the moment tonight. 🙂

  • Melissa Sutton

    My life is undulations of worry with little ripples of peace. What the fuck is not worrying?? Lol!

    • Daniel Mitchell

      Yes, I completely commiserate. Please note number five on my list of things that I love, and know that that is a part of why I’m enjoying a moment of piece. 😉

      • Melissa Sutton

        Yes. Ok. I listed one thing is you and your typed thoughts and wisdom. Sorry. Was havin a rough time and was likened to struggling in choppy water. I was able to pull my head up for gulps of air (some peace), but was continuously pulled underwater. (Lol, that goes with your shark thing). My list of why I have peace right now.
        1.Daniel J. Mitchell
        2. My dog, Rudy
        3. My friend Josh

      • Melissa Sutton

        4. Cooler weather and yesterday’s rain
        5. Icy Hot

  • Melissa Sutton

    So… Hakuna Matata.

    • Daniel Mitchell

      What a WONDERFUL phrase!

      Sorry for the delay in responding, Melissa. VERY busy weekend, including taking all of the monkeys to the Cities to see the new house. I love that “Icy Hot” made your list. It’s the little things in life, isn’t it? 😉

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