Look how sharp!

This weekend, Brandi and I met one of our blog readers for the first time. I don’t want to say who it was, because she might value her privacy – and she might not want to be associated with such scoundrels as we Wily, Trouble-making Mitchells. So for the purposes of this conversation, I will give her a pseudonym that adequately describes her coolness without giving away her identity.

I’ll call her Machinegun McThunder-Rad.


Artist’s rendition.


This weekend, Brandi and I met Machinegun at a local café, where we drank iced coffee and took up space for something like two hours. We talked about all sorts of crap – school, jobs, families, boyfriends (I haven’t had any, but I managed to keep up with the conversation nonetheless), children, home schooling, demonic influences, church controversy, salvation by grace, salvation by works, church folks we know in common, church folks Brandi and I don’t know but want to meet (so we can kick them), siblings, modeling, God, the Bible, missionaries. . . and probably a few things I’ve forgotten. We had a fun time drinking iced coffee with Ms. McThunder-Rad. When we parted, we did a round of hugs – she hugs like a pro would hug, if there was such a thing as a job that paid you to hug – and then we promised to do it again, sometime. Then Brandi and I went to lunch and spent most of the time talking about how awesome Machinegun is.

It was a very “Proverbs 27:17” moment.


Surely you know the moment of which I speak.

17 As iron sharpens iron,

    so one person sharpens another.

That’s what makes community so cool – you lift people up when you’re down, and people life you up when you’re down. You sharpen each other, and drink coffee, tell stories, and walk together – but don’t run, because you’re now sharp, and somebody could get hurt.

All this is to say – Machinegun McThunder-Rad, we love you. You’re the coolest and you blessed us to pieces.


Tiny, burning little pieces.


On another note, the What the Faith family will be moving fairly soon – physically, that is. As you might know, we currently live in the twin ports area of Duluth, Minnesota and its plucky sidekick, Superior, Wisconsin. Well, those days are numbered. We have made an offer on a house in Minneapolis, where we will be moving in six to eight weeks. Sadly, we will be leaving our church family at Hillside Church in Duluth – but it’s okay, we’ll still see each other! As a result of the move, Brandi, family, and myself will be attending River Heights Vineyard Church  after the move, where we will plague pastor/friend Pete Benedict in every way we can think of. I’m not suggesting that Brandi and I are going to show up at his house at 3 AM on a Tuesday morning and pee on his bushes without telling him, but. . .

. . . we’re probably gonna do that, Pete.


“Dan, my roses look wilted and smell of Irish whiskey. Care to explain?”


More to come on this stuff as it progresses.

Question of the day – who in your life sharpens you? Have you told them lately that you love them? You should tell them that. 


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13 responses to “Look how sharp!

  • Brandi Mitchell

    Normally I make it a rule not to reply or comment on one of Daniel’s posts even if I disagree with him, because I dont want it to devolve into a conversation between he and I that could just as easily be had via email or text (face to face socializing?? Whats THAT?) But I thought I would jump in this time and give my two cents worth.

    I have met some awesome people through this blog. You all know who you are. <3. Ive also had the opportunity, because of this blog, to have some wicked rad conversations with people who I knew and loved BEFORE the blog. You know who YOU are. <3.

    In fact I havent met anyone NOT awesome.

    I want to tell you that You're all very special and important to me and I'm glad to have the chance to know you and grow with you. Thanks for giving some awesome friends!

  • Melissa Sutton

    Awesome 🙂 And I can visit you when I go to the Art Institute for culinary! I could see about that church, too.

    • Daniel Mitchell

      I haven’t attended the church yet, but like I said, I’m friends with Pete Benedict, who is the associate pastor there. I’ve met most, if not all, of the leadership, and they’re all great. I think you’d really enjoy it. Their sermons are also available online if you want to check out a couple before attending – you can just follow that link I provided. 🙂

      Also, congrats on going to the Art Institute!

    • Peter Benedict

      We’d be glad to have you join us for a week, Melissa.

      We promise not to hold your WTFaith readership against you… 😉

  • Jennwith2ns

    WTFaiths! Minneapolis?? Then you could meet ANOTHER blog-reader if I ever manage to get out there to visit my brother and his family again. (You might have to stay there for at least two years, though.) In the meantime, you should just meet that blog-reader’s brother (aka TheBro). He is most definitely awesome-tastic. (Seriously, Dan–I think you and he would get along swimmingly. Maybe not see eye-to-eye on everything, but have some rad times not.)

  • Veronica M. Surges (@jurisdoctorette)

    This just made my week. Possibly even my year. I wish I was creative enough to say just how awesome you guys are in return, but Machine Gun McThunder-Rad? You set the bar way too high to even compete with something like that.

    Also, I told my friend my new name (I’m getting business cards ordered soon) and she said “What’d they call you? Thunder Thighs McGee? No? Well, I don’t care. That’s what I’m calling you from now on.”

    …..so thanks for that collateral effect.

    On a serious note – I love you guys, had a great time, and it was extremely sharpening. I told everyone about it and I swear I was smiling the rest of the day.

    • Daniel Mitchell

      Oh no! You just shattered your anonymity! Now everyone will know you’re Machinegun McThunder-Rad, and you’ll never stop being hounded for autographs. 😦

      Also, I take no responsibility for your friend calling you “Thunder Thighs McGee.” Don’t put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby.

  • Peter Benedict

    I am pretty psyched about your pending move. Let me know when you have a date, and… woot!

  • Heather Wheatley

    Whoa…when and how did you guys buy a house??? Congrats! Email or text me please. Keep your big sister posted please!! :oP

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